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The Premier League is the most diverse competition in world football. It’s only here where you’ll find an Armenian midfielder teaming up with a 21-year-old Belgian born in Brussels to Kosovar-Albanian parents. But which club has the most diverse and multicultural fanbase?

The Premier League is shown in 212 territories around the world, creating footballing icons everywhere from Burnley to Burkina Faso. With more fans following the beautiful game than ever before, we decided to see where the planet’s allegiance lies.

Using the buzz of Twitter, we analysed each team’s followers to see exactly where their fans come from and just how this has influenced their choice.

Press Information:

The Premier League of Nations highlights the diversity of the Premier League and its fans. The competition has followers from across the globe and social media is a major factor in how people talk about the league.

To discover which team had the most multicultural following, we used a Twitter API to pull in all the users who follow Premier League clubs' official handles.

From this we pulled in the location details of each follower and ran them through a geocoder to find out where they were based.

This was then displayed on the heatmap with the size of the hotspot increasing with the number of followers from that country.